Gift-giving can be somewhat tricky when it comes to newborn gifts. The thing about newborns is that there can be many considerations to be taken, including whether it is useful or suitable. While some may say that it is the thought that counts, it is lovelier when the gift is meaningful yet practical. In this article, we talk about the kinds of newborn gifts you can give, and why.


The best gifts are always newborn essentials. What comprises of essentials, you ask?


With the lack of sleep (and simply trying to catch up with sleep), these disposable poop and pee catchers can save the time and sanity of newborn parents. Instead of going through the soiled diapers cycle of sterilizing, washing, and drying, disposable diapers only requires a straightforward process of going into the bin.

Wet Tissues

Like diapers, wet tissues are lifesavers, acting on immediate stains or spills while on the go, or even at home. Always get baby-friendly wet tissues for newborns as their skin is more delicate and sensitive to harsh chemicals.


Another newborn essential, toiletries such as body shampoo and moisturising lotions are used daily as babies go through many washes that may strip away their natural oil. With babies, always be sure to get newborn baby products with only natural and safe ingredients.

Baby suits, mittens, and booties

Since babies can’t express their discomfort, it is important to dress them in clothes suitable for the occasion. Newborn sets of baby wear comprising of body suits, mittens, and booties made out of soft cotton material is perfect to make matching of clothes stylishly easy for the parents.

Hello Si Comel | New born baby gifts | Eska Creative Gifting

Eska’s Hello Si Comel newborn gift hamper is a wonderful compilation of baby essentials.


Apart from the necessities, you can also get newborn gifts that stimulates a baby’s senses.

Plush toys

Newborns find comfort in cuddling, making plush toys a perfect gift for them. However, not all plush toys are suitable. Always ensure that the material is baby-friendly and easy-to-clean, so baby can grow with their little friend for as long as possible.

Baby gym

Believe it or not, babies can have their own gyms too! Baby gyms with colourful dangling objects placed before them gives babies the chance to work out their sight, sound, and touch senses.

Baby Shower Gifts | Newborn Baby Gifts | Eska Creative Gifting

Eska’s Happy Baby Gym hamper makes a fun but educational gift for babies.


We’ve got the newborn care kits covered, but mothers deserve some pampering too! Here are some gifts that would show the newborn mother you care.

Birds nest and chicken essence

Newborn mothers are often fatigue from the constant need to feed the newborn during postpartum recovery. Birds nest and chicken essence makes a wonderful gift for newborn mothers as they help promote breastmilk production while helping them regain their strength.

Postnatal tonics

Postnatal tonics are nourishing for the recovering mother. Often taken as a soothing nightcap, they keep the body warm, allowing the newborn mother to have better quality sleep through the night.

Burst Your Energy | Newborn Baby Gift | Eska Creative Gifting

Eska’s Energy Burst gift hamper features chicken essence and postnatal tonic, a good burst of energy for mothers.


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