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Bundle of Prosperity


CNY20 – RM1,288
Hennessy VSOP Cognac Gift Pack 70cl
Embroided Peonies Table Cloth 1pc
New Moon New Zealand Abalones 425ml
EYS Premium Ginseng Tea 50g
EYS Herbal Soup Pack 150g
EYS Premium Fish Maw 30g
Japanese Dried Scallops 8pc
Soon Thai Hang Scallop Sauce 210g
Ban Heang Chicken Floss 100g
Premium White Mushroos 120g
Macau Mini Almond Cakes 126g
Fisher Price (US) Roasted Peanuts 200g
Imperial Brocade Chestbox (Large)
Decoratives and Packaging

CNY20A – RM2,088
Option to replace Hennessy VSOP with Hennessy XO.

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