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Specialty Cake


ESA17A – RM150 (RM159 inclusive GST)
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Lots of chocolate between moist layers of mousse and cake. Definitely try this if you crave chocolates.

ESA17B – RM150 (RM159 inclusive GST)
Chocolate Banana Cake
Delightful marriage of flavors and textures between the sweetness of banana and robust flavour of dark chocolate.

ESA17C – RM150 (RM159 inclusive GST)
Oreo Cheese Cake
Simple yet delicious combination of crunchy Oreo crumbs and cream cheese in our signature bake.

ESA17D – RM150 (RM159 inclusive GST)
Fruit Cake
The fresh fruits as topping along with soft and creamy pudding, simply delicious.

ESA17E – RM150 (RM159 inclusive GST)
Mouse Cake
Colorful fruit pudding paired with fragrant smooth lychee mousse, added with crispy biscuit crust, definitely surprise you.

ESA17F – RM150 (RM159 inclusive GST)
Classic Opera Cake
Smooth butter spread on soft almond cake, brings you a colorful opera story.

ESA17G – RM50 (RM53 inclusive GST)
Add On 10 Stalks of Springful Daisies.
This price only applicable with purchase of our specialty cake.

ESA17H – RM40 (RM42.40 inclusive GST)
Add On Helium  Balloon.
This price only applicable with purchase of our specialty cake.

* 1-2 days prior notice is required for order and
cake / helium balloon designs  may vary *

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